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In providing specialist demolition and asbestos removal activities, as well as undertaking groundworks and land reclamation projects, Bond Demolition Ltd places significant emphasis on environmental matters in the execution of its works, assisting in protecting the environment as a whole, as well as our personnel whilst at work.

We provide environmental management through the various stages of the project, from planning through to inception, implementing such measures as dust suppression, environmental barriers and screening to mitigate any impact on the surrounding occupants, businesses and natural habitat. To supplement these measures, we arrange personal, dust, vibration and noise monitoring as well as air testing across our sites.

Additionally, we look to produce a Demolition Environmental Management Plan (DEMP) for each of our projects, which identifies and assesses the aspects of demolition that could have an environmental impact.

We are always looking at new opportunities to reclaim/recycle materials during the strip out and demolition processes and have links to a network of specialist waste companies throughout the UK, thus ensuring materials are not transported any great distances, consequently reducing the carbon footprint. A Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) is produced for each project to estimate and record the waste produced and disposed of / recycled, observing our responsibility under current legislation and guidance. We offer our customers complete transparency, with all records being made available on site and copies issued as necessary.

Where practicable, we look to recycle between 95 and 100% of materials on our projects, depending on the precise nature of the structures being demolished.

The overall environmental objectives that will be applied to any project are:

  • All practicable steps shall be taken to minimise the environmental effects of demolition work.

  • All activities shall be conducted in accordance with the DEMP, relevant legislation, Codes of Practices, Guidelines, and any local environmental procedures.

  • Environmental licenses, permits, consents and other statutory requirements are to be obtained prior to works commencing, and fully complied with.

  • All staff (including sub-contractors) shall be aware of the environmental issues relevant to the project through the provision of site specific information on the environmental impacts of demolition and the mitigation measures to be applied during inductions, briefings and tool box talks and other relevant briefings.

  • Regularly reviewing of the environmental requirements of the project and ensuring that environmental controls remain adequate throughout the duration of the project.

Some of Our Projects

Watermore Infants School

Location: Woodend Rd, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol

Contract Duration: 10 Weeks

Completion Date: October 2022

Pencoedtre High School

Location: Merthyr Dyfan Road, Barry

Contract Duration: 20 Weeks

Completion Date: June 2022

South Gloucestershire Council

Location: Charborough Road, Bristol

Contract Duration: 28 Weeks

Completion Date: September 2019